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Note that we are no longer tracking actual pricing due to the number of dealers and types of hardware. Too much to keep up to date. Average price ranges are given for various common or popular components. You can visit the list of online dealers and comparison shop yourself.

You can get lots of price info from local "free" computer magazines (MONITOR, The Computer Paper) and local online Computer Stores (Ottawa). For our out of date opinion on some components visit the PC Buying Information section.

Items Reviewed: Sept 13,1999 (reviewed now and then)
Sorry this list is out of date.
Price CDN$ Location
RAM (Memory) about $2.00-3.00/MB Computer Stores
CPUs AMD, CYRIX, INTEL 100-1000 Computer Stores
MODEM (56K) 50 to 150 Computer Stores
CD-ROM / DVD ROM DRIVES (36X-40X) 50 to 150 Computer Stores
SOUND CARDS (16-64-128 voice) 30 to 150 Computer Stores
VIDEO CARDS (4-8-16MB) 30 to 200 Computer Stores
HARD DRIVES (IDE) (4-12 GB) 100 to 350 Computer Stores
MONITORS (15"/17") 200 to 500 Computer Stores
PRINTERS (Color Ink Jet) 200 to 300 Computer Stores
Motherboards, empty (586 class, PCI, 512K PB cache) 100 to 350 Computer Stores
Windows 95/98 CD about $150 Computer Stores
Powerbar with surge protection (with surge light) about $20 Computer Stores
Printer Cable (2-3 meter) about $10 Computer Stores
Mouse, standard 2 button about $10 Computer Stores
Keyboard Win95 104 key about $20 Computer Stores
Floppy Drive 3.5"(Panasonic) about $30 Computer Stores
Mid Tower Case with 200-250 Watt power supply 70 to 125 Computer Stores
Box of 10 HD 3.5" disks about $5 Computer Stores

Lowball Caveat:

Computer pricing is often cash discounted. Payment by credit cards would normaly be more (2-5%). Some items may be OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) rather than retail even though it is not noted.OEM means the product does don't come in a nice glossy box and sometimes there may be less software or different warranty or support, ask.

We make no endorsements of any brands or companies mentioned herein.

Note: We do not sell any of this stuff and are not recommending any store or brand by including them in this or any list. This list is for information purposes only. Also, the lowest price is not always the best value.

All prices are for the National Capitol Region (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) and in CDN$

For a comprehensive low price list visit PriceWatch. They now have both US and Canadian pricing and dealers listed. Many are mail order. Support your local Canadian dealers. How's that for balance.

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