Local Computer Stores (Ottawa, Canada)

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Last Updated: September 13, 1999
Sorry but this list is all out of date . . . many links still work though.

Local Computer Component Dealers in the Ottawa area

Please read the NEW Ratings System explanation below. They are sorted semi-alphabetically.

New Additions




F/X Computers ++ (3.5) No Date Online Quotes
Micro A/L + No Date  
Mooney's Bay Computer +++(2.5) Date  
ADE Computers ++(2.5) No Date  
Storm Micro (X) No Date  
Northern Micro ++(4+) No Date I get lost here
Northern Micro Factory Outlet +++++(1) Date  
Portable Systems ++(3) No Date More for portables
Wonder Computers ? No Date Re-building online store
Capital Microsystems ++++(1.5) No Date Online Quotes
Simple Solutions Computer Centre ++++(1.5) No Date Online Quotes
Webs and Nets Computing ++++(3) Date "under construction"
RB Computing ++++(2) No Date Online Quotes
RA Computers ++++(2) Date  
FEDA Com Computers ++++(1.5) Date  
Avantage Informatique     "Directory Listing Denied"
Computer Care Centre ++++(2) Date Parts Trade-in (surplus)
Titanium Systems +++(1.5) No Date  
Everbest Computer ++(1.5) Date  
Golden Arrow Computers ++++(1.5) Date  





Alpha Internet and Computer Services +(X) No Date No price list
Aalto Computers ++++(1.5) YES Online Quotes
ACB services ++++(1.5) YES  
Bloom MicroTech Corp. +++(4) No Date Online Quotes.
Crawford Microsystems Ltd. ++++ (3) YES  
CompuNation +++++(1.5) YES Online Quotes
Computer Rise ++(2) YES Online Quotes in progress
Compucentre +++(3) No Date  
CompuSmart +++(4+) No Date  
Cyber Surplus ++(2) YES  
Dantek Computers +++ No Date Online Quotes, under re-developmen
Deals Direct ++++(2) No Date Shopping Cart, Online Quotes
Doncaster Consulting Inc. ++ (3) YES Online Quotes
Gigabytes +++++(1.5) YES  
HMNet +++(2) YES Online Quotes
Inly Computers +(X) YES No price list
Laurier Computers ++ (1.5) No Date  
Liana Smith Computers +++++ (2) YES  
Monisys + (X) No Date Online Quotes Only
Nova Networks +++ (X) No Date Online Quotes Only
PC Plus (Ovega) +++ (X) YES Online Quotes Only
Si-Com Computer Technologies     Out of Business :-(
Sona ++++(3) No Date Online Quotes
Sprint Computer Service Centre ++++(2) No Date Online Quotes
Right Stop +++(2) YES  
The Trailing Edge ++++(1) YES  
Tolga Computers Systems +++(3) No Date Online Quotes
Typhoon Systems +++(1) No Date  
VIRTUAL POWER Computer Sales +++(1) No Date  
Worldwide Information Systems +++ (3) YES  
Old & Moldy Sites





These links are not recommendations or endorsements or in any particular order.

The Rating System

This is an explanation of the rating system we use. The maximum rating is currently 5 +'s. A site gets one + for each of the criteria on the left in any order:

These rating are not best/worst prices.

Numbers in brackets e.g. (2) are number of clicks to price list. Less is better.

The Date column [Date/No] indicates whether the page has a recent date of last update listed which we feel is a good idea.

The numbers in brackets (2) are the number of links to get to an actual price list, an extra 0.5 for having to scroll a bit on a page, lower is better for the numbers. (X) indicates no specific price list page.

Warning: Some of these sites are really badly designed. Some are good with easy to find prices. Others are a maze of frames, bad graphics, clashing colors and JavaScript gone crazy. You have been warned.

What counts for points:

  • Clean site

  • Fast site

  • Good content

  • Up to date (visible date)

  • Easy to navigate to prices (Less than 3 clicks, these are numbers in brackets)

Maximum rating is: 5 +++++ (1) [Date]

Minimum rating is: none (4+) [No]

Any sites that do not update their pages for a couple months get moved into the "Moldy" section.
Old sites are checked periodically to see if they have changed their ways.
Sites that do not sell components/peripherals, or have no price info are not usually included.

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